Let’s meet Freddy Buttons and his friends


Freddy Buttons Investigators (FBI)


Freddy Buttons

Freddy Buttons is an 8 year old boy who lives at Tumbledown Cottage with his parents.

He likes school. He loves to grow food. He really loves to eat good food. He really really loves his animals. He’s just like you or me really – but….. Freddy can talk to the creatures at Tumbledown Cottage.

Whether it’s Gossipy Gloria or Lissy the Cat, Freddy can stop and have a chat with them. Cool isn’t it?

And when things go wrong and there’s a mystery to solve, Freddy can call on the FBI (Freddy Buttons Investigators) to help him solve the problem.


Juno the dog

Juno the dog lived at Tumbledown Cottage long before Freddy was born. In fact, she lived at juno-in-work Tumbledown Cottage even before Freddy’s Dad was born. It’s hard to believe isn’t it? She really must be ancient. Sometimes the Tumbledown Team ask her to come to work to help out, because she gives the BEST advice. Here she is posing for the camera!

She is one pretty special dog! Some say that Juno was living at Tumbledown Cottage back when there were still fairies in the Fairy Grove at the end of the garden. Well it’s not every dog that can help solve mysteries, and Tumbledown Cottage is a pretty magical place, so maybe it’s true?

What is definitely true is that Freddy loves Juno very much. Juno is always there to listen to him, and of course, she comes in handy when Freddy needs a hug. Her fur has often been used to dry Freddy’s tears (but don’t tell anyone that okay?).

Yes, Juno has many many stories to tell – she is the main Investigator in Freddy’s FBI. There’s lots more to come!


Major Prickles

Major Prickles is a wise old hedgehog. And he really is quite grumpy. Now don’t major-prickles think that he is grumpy because he is so old. No, he was born grumpy. He likes being grumpy. Grumpy is his thing. He’s always too hot, or too cold – too hungry or too full.

You see, Major Prickles might not be a happy chappy but he is very good at his job. He is in charge of Slug Patrol at Tumbledown Cottage.

He trains all the young hedgehogs for their slug patrol duties. He is a very good instructor. There’s no messing when Major Prickles is teaching let me tell you! Right now he is teaching three classes of young hedgehogs….

The C Team are training to patrol and protect the cabbage patch.
The S Team are training to patrol and protect the strawberry patch.
The P Team are training to patrol and protect the potato beds.

Major Prickles is verrrrrry good at his job.

Thanks to Major Prickles and his teams, the Buttons family get to enjoy lots of delicious strawberries, cabbages and potatoes.. And it’s okay to be grumpy sometimes right?

photo-gloriaGossipy Gloria

Gossipy Gloria the nosy hen.

Every town, every village, every community has that one person (or creature) who knows EVERYTHING that is going on. They have the news before the newspapers!

At Tumbledown Cottage, that creature is Gossipy Gloria.

Now it’s fair to say that she is very nosy. She spends her days in the Fairy Grove at Tumbledown Cottage meeting and talking to all the creatures. Meeting and talking. Meeting and talking. Yep, that’s what she does!

“Did you know that Betty Blackbird hatched her eggs this morning?”
“I believe Major Prickles didn’t get a wink of sleep last night”
“I’ve just heard Henny Whitefeather has a sore throat”

If you want the news, talk to Gossipy Gloria.
Do you know a Gossipy Gloria?

photo-gander-gooseMahatma Gander & Willow Goose

Mahatma Gander and Willow Goose have been married for ages. Seriously, I mean, for. ev. er!

Geese do that you know. They fall in love and stay together for the rest of their lives. I guess it’s what grown-ups calls it a little bit soppy and who would have thought that a gander could be soppy? Geese are the protectors of the garden as good as any guard dog. They are fierce. And yet they love greatly.

Mahatma Gander is a living legend at Tumbledown Cottage. He protects, not only his own family, but all the creatures who live in Tumbledown.

When it comes to intruders, Mahatma Gander will be loud and aggressive, but at the same time, kind to all the creatures he protects. He’s a kinda super hero really!!

Not many people know this, but Mahatma’s favourite thing in the world is to eat brown bread out of Freddy’s hand.

Willow Goose is really very shy. She is as quiet as Mahatma is loud. Mind you, Mahatma Gander is loud enough for the two of them at the best of times. Willow is a brilliant mother. She wants for nothing more than to have Mahatma Gander by her side as she tends to their goslings.

Yes, it’s definitely true love!


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