A Sustainable Wardrobe for 2021

When I talk about sustainability, I’m usually talking about it in terms of food and growing food. In my last Freddy Buttons Instagram post, I mentioned keeping food containers to use when we start the sowing and growing this year – but apart of my usual sustainable methods for growing food, I have also been thinking about sustainability in terms of the clothes that I wear. Instead of talking about food miles in this post, I want to share my thoughts on fast fashion – so here goes..

Now firstly I want to say that I’m not preaching, I’m not telling anyone what they should do, and I certainly have appreciated the value of Penneys and other great value clothes stores over the years.

But here I am in January 2021 with a wardrobe full of clothes that I don’t wear. I have topped up over the the past few weeks with bargains from the sales – but are they really bargains if they remain with the tags on in my wardrobe? (we all know the answer to that!).

Brand New Dresses
Some dresses with the labels on
Jacket worn once and dress still has labels on

So in an effort to play my part to protect the environment from being polluted by cheap toxic dyes, to stop contributing to the micro plastics filling up our seas and to, in some tiny way, slow down the production of synthetics, I will not buy another item of unnecessary clothing in 2021.

How hard can this be? My wardrobe is overflowing, I am low maintenance and I believe I have plenty of footwear. But what about socks? What if I need a heavy sweater? Well, a little bit of googling has directed me to plenty of websites where I can buy eco-friendly bits and pieces. And for bigger pieces, well, I will be thrifting. I really don’t think I will need anything, but if I do, there are plenty of sustainable options for me.

5 Ethical Tips
5 great tips to get started

And that’s the plan. This is it. I have started. I have been checking out websites recommended by readers for eco friendly undies and I have found a website with the cutest eco friendly socks! But I don’t need them so I. Will. Not. Order. Them. Gosh that’s easy to write – and I’m sure that putting this into practice will be just as easy…..

I’ll keep you updated but if you have any advice or tips, please do let me know.

Fiona xx

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