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Oh boy I?m tired today! ?It?s weird being back to school after such a fun time at Bloom since last Thursday.

Did you see my garden?

It got a silver medal. I once got a silver medal for running but this is even better because all of the FBI get to share it (Major Prickles is even GRUMPIER since we came home so he really doesn’t care about the medal).

Gossipy Gloria is telling evvvvvvvverrryone hee hee!

My teacher and all my class were really excited to hear my news today. And there were lots of teachers and pupils visiting the Freddy Buttons garden from all over Ireland. It was soooooo cool. Lots of grown up wanted to have their photo taken in the garden too. And everyone loved my new books. Mahatma Gander and Willow Goose loved hanging out in the garden, but guess who had the best fun of all????.???

bloom4Yep, Juno!! She hasn?t had so much fun since the day she took the FBI to my school, but that?s a whole other story.

Now I have homework to do. Then I?m going to check on all the animals. Oh, we have some mega exciting news ? Mila and Bobbi, two of our cats, are expecting babies. KITTENS! YAY!!

This weekend I?m going to be working in the garden with my Dad. What are you up to? Let me know in the Write To Freddy section.

See ya!




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