Coming Soon! Stories by Children, for Children & It’s Free!

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all having a great Summer. Today I want to tell you about our ‘Stories by Children, for Children’ project that we are currently having great fun working on..

I wonder what this story is about..

Right now, as I type, there are children across Ireland busily writing a story and doing drawings to go with the story. They are writing these stories for EVERY SINGLE CHILD across the world to read. The stories will be in the Freddy Buttons online store and are FREE for everyone to download.

Like me, the grown-ups in their lives believe that every child should have access to a story – and what could be better than a story written by children, for children?

First up with their stories and drawings are Ava and Grace from Co Laois. Now that the stories have started to arrive, the real work starts for me. I am putting their stories and drawings together in a downloadable format, available to everyone at no charge.

Over the month of August, I will share some of the titles and a little bit about the authors. For some, this is their first little book to write and I am so so so excited for you to read their stories. The children didn’t have to stick to Freddy Buttons and the FBI for their story – I wanted them to use their imaginations and write about whatever they wanted, so I’m particularly excited to see the topics they choose.

stories by children for children

The grown ups and children involved in this project all have the same objective – to share a story with another person. We have all agreed that we want this to be a free service, to have no money involved, to work on our common belief that everyone is entitled to a storybook. Reading is such a gift and we want to spread our love of storybooks, reading and writing across the world – so in time, the story being written today in English will also be downloadable in Irish, Spanish, French and Mandarin.

I am so grateful to the grown ups and children who have long been Freddy Buttons fans and are now so happy to jump in and share stories from their imaginations that will enchant grown ups and children all over the world. They have embraced my notion of no child being too poor for a storybook with great gusto and much love – they are my kind of people…

Le grá


If you know a little person whom you think is a budding writer and might like to contribute a story, please do get in touch with me at fiona@tumbledownmedia.com. I can’t promise to publish them all, but I will do my best xx

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