Competition: Win My Books!

Hi everyone!

School holidays are coming up soon and I can’t wait to have no homework for weeks and weeks and weeks. ?And I get to hang out in the garden til really late. ?I love the summer!!! ?I bet you do too? ?There’s loads of time for reading books and there’s going to be lots to do on this website like colouring and playing games. ?But first, would you like a set of the Freddy Buttons books? ?I’m going to give a set away and this is what you have to do..


Answer this question in the comments below

“What is the name of my dog?”


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Good luck!

Freddy & Juno 😉

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Now the grown-up stuff:

  • If you are friends with or related to Fiona Dillon you can’t enter the competition. ?Sorry about that.
  • If you are under 18 will you ask a grown up to enter the competition for you? ?I’m 8 so I have to ask permission ALL the time.
  • Me and Juno will pick a winner on Friday June 19th at exactly on the dot of 6pm.
  • You have to be living in the Republic of Ireland.
  • No cash exchange.


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