Freddy Buttons Comes To Life!

Freddy Buttons Comes To Life!

The food adventures of children?s character, Freddy Buttons, have been enchanting children all over Ireland for the past two years with the FBI (Freddy Buttons Investigators) and their food mysteries.?


Now it looks like Freddy Buttons is set to become a firm TV favourite. ?Carlow Company, Tumbledown Media has announced that, with the help of the Irish Film Board, they are commencing work on the trailer for the Freddy Buttons animated TV series. ?


Currently licensed in both Ireland and China, Tumbledown Media has plans to expand the Freddy Buttons brand into the UK and across Europe.


Having just returned from Kidscreen in Miami, CEO Fiona Dillon says ?we are so excited to be collaborating with Pink Kong Studios to create the series trailer. ?The feedback from children and parents to the Freddy Buttons book series has been phenomenal and, as well as the TV series trailer, we have plans to release another book in the series along with a Freddy Buttons fun pack.


I feel so fortunate that we have this opportunity to educate children about where their food comes from, in a very entertaining, fun and engaging way?

For more info/pics contact Email: elaine@tumbledownmedia.com

Phone: +353 (0)85 1641811


Twitter: @Freddy_Buttons

Instagram: @Freddy_Buttons

Facebook: Freddy Buttons



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