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Carlow based children?s books creator Tumbledown Media are set to hit the international stage with their signature brand Freddy Buttons. Tumbledown Media have teamed up with digital reading device specialist Tiandai (aka The Talking Pen), to create a bilingual and digital version of the Freddy Buttons series of books, for sale in mainland China.

Tumbledown MD and brand creator Fiona Dillon collaborated with local illustrator Derry Dillon to create a series of six Freddy Buttons titles to show children where real food comes from, which is all the more pertinent given that 7% of American people believe that chocolate milk comes from brown cows! With a renewed emphasis on healthy eating for children, Fiona has succeeded in communicating the message that real food is great food in both an educational and fun way, to thousands of Irish children. Fiona?s F.B.I. (Freddy Buttons Investigates) characters and their problem solving skills both entertain and intrigue children from cover to cover. Her successful brand partnerships with leading Irish companies like Glenisk have been instrumental in spreading Freddy?s healthy eating ethos to Irish consumers with on-pack promotions and giveaways.

Fiona Dillon, the creator of the Freddy Buttons character and stories, spoke about her excitement with her new business venture ?We are thrilled to announce our expansion of the Freddy Buttons brand to China. It is a great achievement for us and we hope to further develop the Freddy Buttons series internationally and across all media platforms?.

Fiona Dillon is a feature writer for Irish Irish Country Magazine and TheTaste.ie. Tumbledown Media is currently collaborating with Tipperary Food Producers and plan to launch a bespoke Tipperary food themed childrens book here in Ireland in September 2017. Work is also commencing on creating an animated TV series for Freddy Buttons and breaking through the international market is a significant achievement for this local brand.

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