Freddy Buttons teams up with Real Good Ketchup

Hi everyone Freddy Buttons here, just wanted to let you all know about our competition over on Facebook.

You could be in with a chance to win some Real Good Ketchup (we all love ketchup right?!!) along with one of the Freddy Buttons books which include fun healthy recipes and lots more. There are 6 prizes up for grabs so to be in with a chance simple follow the instructions on the Facebook post.

It?s that simple!!

WHY are we teaming up with RGK?? We know that children love ketchup and we know that RGK contains less sugar and less salts than other ketchup brands and is also gluten free.

So, for all the kids who love ketchup RGK may possibly improve the diets of children across Ireland and hopefully prevent childhood obesity and further health issues in years to come by using healthy food and recipes in a fun way.

Why not try our sticky fingers recipe with some RGK?!! You?ll find this recipe in book 2, Freddy Buttons and the Horrible Hornets.

?As you all know, Freddy buttons is a food education tool and resource to help parents and teachers encourage children to take an interest in good, wholesome food and where it comes from. Why not join the fun adventures with the FBI (Freddy Buttons Investigators) and myself Freddy buttons!

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