Gossipy Gloria the nosy hen


Every town, every village, every community has that one person (or creature) who knows EVERYTHING that is going on. They have the news before the newspapers!

At Tumbledown Cottage, that creature is Gossipy Gloria.

Now it’s fair to say that she is very nosy. She spends her days in the Fairy Grove at Tumbledown Cottage meeting and talking to all the creatures. Meeting and talking. Meeting and talking. Yep, that’s what she does!

“Did you know that Betty Blackbird hatched her eggs this morning?”
“I believe Major Prickles didn’t get a wink of sleep last night”
“I’ve just heard Henny Whitefeather has a sore throat”

If you want the news, talk to Gossipy Gloria.
Do you know a Gossipy Gloria?

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