Juno the dog
Juno the dog lived at Tumbledown Cottage long before Freddy was born. In fact, she lived at juno-in-work Tumbledown Cottage even before Freddy’s Dad was born. It’s hard to believe isn’t it? She really must be ancient. Sometimes the Tumbledown Team ask her to come to work to help out, because she gives the BEST advice. Here she is posing for the camera!

She is one pretty special dog! Some say that Juno was living at Tumbledown Cottage back when there were still fairies in the Fairy Grove at the end of the garden. Well it’s not every dog that can help solve mysteries, and Tumbledown Cottage is a pretty magical place, so maybe it’s true?

What is definitely true is that Freddy loves Juno very much. Juno is always there to listen to him, and of course, she comes in handy when Freddy needs a hug. Her fur has often been used to dry Freddy’s tears (but don’t tell anyone that okay?).

Yes, Juno has many many stories to tell – she is the main Investigator in Freddy’s FBI. There’s lots more to come!

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