Mahatma Gander & Willow Goose


Mahatma Gander and Willow Goose have been married for ages. Seriously, I mean, for. ev. er!

Geese do that you know. They fall in love and stay together for the rest of their lives. I guess it’s what grown-ups calls it a little bit soppy and who would have thought that a gander could be soppy? Geese are the protectors of the garden as good as any guard dog. They are fierce. And yet they love greatly.

Mahatma Gander is a living legend at Tumbledown Cottage. He protects, not only his own family, but all the creatures who live in Tumbledown.

When it comes to intruders, Mahatma Gander will be loud and aggressive, but at the same time, kind to all the creatures he protects. He’s a kinda super hero really!!

Not many people know this, but Mahatma’s favourite thing in the world is to eat brown bread out of Freddy’s hand.

Willow Goose is really very shy. She is as quiet as Mahatma is loud. Mind you, Mahatma Gander is loud enough for the two of them at the best of times. Willow is a brilliant mother. She wants for nothing more than to have Mahatma Gander by her side as she tends to their goslings.

Yes, it’s definitely true love!

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