Major Prickles


Major Prickles is a wise old hedgehog. And he really is quite grumpy. Now don’t major-prickles think that he is grumpy because he is so old. No, he was born grumpy. He likes being grumpy. Grumpy is his thing. He’s always too hot, or too cold – too hungry or too full.

You see, Major Prickles might not be a happy chappy but he is very good at his job. He is in charge of Slug Patrol at Tumbledown Cottage.

He trains all the young hedgehogs for their slug patrol duties. He is a very good instructor. There’s no messing when Major Prickles is teaching let me tell you! Right now he is teaching three classes of young hedgehogs….

The C Team are training to patrol and protect the cabbage patch.
The S Team are training to patrol and protect the strawberry patch.
The P Team are training to patrol and protect the potato beds.

Major Prickles is verrrrrry good at his job.

Thanks to Major Prickles and his teams, the Buttons family get to enjoy lots of delicious strawberries, cabbages and potatoes.. And it’s okay to be grumpy sometimes right?

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