Happy New Year!

And so it begins. ?2018 is here and soon we’ll begin to notice the stretch in the evenings. ?Here at Freddy Buttons HQ we’re all set for a very exciting year. ?Plans are afoot for lots and lots of content – from ideas for kid’s birthday parties to healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. ?There will be more Freddy Buttons stories for bedtime reading and next week we’ll have another recipe from Mischa and Layla on our youtube channel ( with Freddy himself making a guest appearance).

We hope that we can continue to help you encourage your children to learn more about real food in a very fun way. ?We’ll guide you with lots of fun activities for in the kitchen and out in the garden. You’ll see lots more of Freddy Buttons on Glenisk products and who knows, there might even be a trailer for the Freddy Buttons TV series in the pipeline!freddy-buttons-glenisk-free-books-offer

We love to hear your feedback so keep sending your thoughts to us, and of course a huge thank you to everybody who took the time to get in touch during 2017.

In 2017, Freddy travelled to some amazing places and got to experience many many different food cultures. ?There’s so much to tell you! ?The big highlight for us was definitely signing a contract in China, so this year the sky is the limit………

We’ll continue to run lots of cool competitions on social media so be sure to find Freddy on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@Freddy_Buttons).

And finally, if you would like Fiona to visit your school, library or club, please do visit our Tumbledown Website for details.


Happy New Year Everyone!


The Tumbledown Crew ?xx


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