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We recently had the pleasure of a Kilkenny College TY student ?(Laura Stafford) join us for work experience. ?Laura is a big fan of cats so we asked her to share some of her top tips with us….

Enjoy your read and many thanks to Laura..

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Cats and how I look after mine….

Thinking of owning a furry feline friend ? Some cats are expected to earn their living, either as pest control or as breeding stock, but generally most are just kept as pets . So here?s are a few things you need to know before you get your new bestie!

Cats are very friendly and timid animals if cared for and trained properly . I personally have had cats all my life and I love their company . For me I?ve always started with kittens until this year when a stray came into our lives and has stayed put!

Cats tend to be low maintenance animals that laze around and don?t require the same amount of energy as a dog would need, so if you have a busy lifestyle but want a pet, a cat might just be the perfect pet for you.

Minding Your Kitten

So you?ve just gotten your new kitten , what do you do next? ?For your cat’s healthcare, your vet will guide you through the boosters and general care and it would also be strongly recommended to get your new pet neutered in due course to avoid any surprise .

Next up is training, the dreaded stage of a new pet! ?If you have just gotten an older cat instead of a kitten they may already be litter box trained, but with a new kitten, this training will take a few weeks . Try rewarding your cat when they use the litter box or instead of using a litter box, you can train them to be let out when they need to go to the bathroom .

Here’s an Instagram pic of our Luna here at Hunters Lodge!

For food, kittens will generally start on wet food and then slowly you can incorporate dry nuts into the mix. Ensure you don?t feed them too much wet food as they can become poorly . Kittens are usually high energy when they are younger and love to play with toys, so getting them a plastic ball or a fabric mouse can be a great way to tire out your new pet. For keeping track of your pet, a name tag and a collar are brilliant. ?Just remember if your pet is an indoor/outdoor cat that a collar can snap off if it gets stuck in a branch or hedge.

Caring for a cat is very simple if done correctly and I hope you and your new feline friend get along brilliantly!

Laura Stafford, TY Student, Kilkenny College?


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