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So You Want A Pet…..???

Hi guys! Before you read on, allow me to introduce the author of this blog post. ?Her name is Kayleigh and she is a TY student in St Leo’s college, Carlow. ?I love...

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Tumbledown Toothpaste!

This is the time of year when parents all over the country scramble to find shoeboxes for the Christmas Shoebox Appeal. Throughout the years, Hunters Lodge has seen...

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Cheesemaking Hamper Giveaway!

Freddy Buttons has teamed up with the nice folk at Old McDonalds Farm & Feed Store in Co Carlow and we have a really cool prize for one lucky reader. ?Check this...

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Freddy Buttons is a Finalist

The Freddy Buttons website is hardly more than a few months old and already it’s going places. Thanks to the talented Katrien of Bemoore Software Consultants...

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