Pancake Frenzy – 3 Healthy Pancake Recipes!

my-nutrition-ireland1Some of our most popular recipes and posts on social media are pancakes. It seems like a global trend that?s going around the world. Pancake recipes are more popular now than ever because they are a perfect breakfast or brunch choice and there is nothing better than waking up to the smell of pancakes in the morning. Whether it?s a long weekend, a birthday, a special occasion or just cooking pancakes with kids, there is always something a little special about pancakes? that puts a smile on everyones face. You can find really creative and healthy alternatives to traditional pancakes these days, making it even easier to get all of those essential nutrients first thing in the morning, wrapped up in a delicious looking treat.

We hope you?ll find a new favourite pancake recipe in this article and enjoy a gorgeous breakfast or brunch.

Remember us when you?re smiling in your kitchen!

Tom and Jeeny.


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  • 1/4 cup coconut flour
  • 1/4 tsp. baking sodaTropical Pancakes
  • Pinch of sea salt
  • 1/4 cup coconut milk (or any milk)
  • 2 Tbsp. Organic coconut oil (melted)
  • 3 eggs or 4 egg whites

(or 1 mashed banana for vegans)

  • 2 Tbsp. honey (or agave, maple syrup)
  • 1 tsp. vanilla extract



  1. Mix all of the dry ingredients in a bowl, then in a separate bowl mix all of the wet ingredients until fully combined.
  2. Mix wet & dry ingredients carefully, trying not to over mix the batter so your pancakes won?t get too dry.
  3. At?a?medium?heat,?cook?your?pancakes?on?a?preheated?non-stick?pan for 3?minutes?on?each?side?or?until?golden?on?both?sides?(if?you are not using a non-stick pan?just?brush?a?very?thin?layer?of?coconut?oil?on?the pan).?Done!


Don?t worry that this batter is more dense and thicker than?an ordinary one,?just spread?2?Tbsp.?of?the?batter?on?the?pan?making?a?round?pancake and?they?will?cook?pretty?much?the?same?as?any?pancake?after?that.We?served?them?with?coconut?yogurt,?a?passion?fruit?mixed?with?1?tsp.?of?honey?and?gorgeous?red?currants,?a?breakfast?loaded?with?nutrients ? ? and?vitamins.


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INGREDIENTSHot Chocolate Panncake

  • 1?Tbsp.?coconut?oil,?melted?(or?any?oil)
  • 1?Tbsp.?honey?or?maple?syrup
  • ??cup?Greek?yogurt?(soy?for?vegans)
  • ??cup?coconut?milk?(or?any?milk)
  • 1?egg?(or 1?mashed?banana?for?vegans)
  • 1?tsp?baking?powder
  • ??tsp?baking?soda
  • 2?Tbsp.?unsweetened?cocoa?powder
  • 2?tsp?vanilla?essence?1/2?cup?wholemeal?flour?(spelt?or?oat?flour)
  • Pinch?of?sea?salt



  1. Place?a?non-stick?pan?on?medium?heat?and?grease?very?thinly?with?oil.
  2. In?a?bowl,?stir?together?the?honey?and?oil.?Add?the?yogurt,?eggs,?milk?and?mix?until?smooth.?Add?the rest?of?the?ingredients?and?mix until?just combined.?Do not over-mix the?batter or you won?t get light?and?fluffy pancakes.
  3. Pour?2?spoonfuls?of?pancake?batter,?spreading?out?slightly,?onto?the?preheated?pan.?Cook?for?2?minutes?on?each?side?or?until?you?see?bubbles?pop?up?on?the surface?and?turn?over.?Serve?hot!



We?served?them?with?natural?yogurt?mixed?with?vanilla?and?honey and sprinkled?berries?on?top. These pancakes are also delicious?served with? maple?syrup?or?honey and a sprinkle of dark grated chocolate.?Enjoy!


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  • 2?ripe?bananas
  • 1?whole?egg?+?1?egg?white
  • 1/2?cup?oats/porridge
  • 1?tsp?baking?powder
  • 1?tsp?vanilla?extract/essence
  • 1?tsp?lemon?juice?or?lemon?zest



  1. Blend?all?the ?ingredients?together?with?a?hand?blender/?food?processor?or?mixer?until?smooth.
    (Or?just?mash?the?bananas?and?mix?with?eggs?&?the rest?of?the ingredients and set?aside?for?the?porridge?to?absorb?the?liquids.?The?texture?in?both?methods?are completely?different?so?test?it?out?to?see?which?one?you?prefer).
  2. Thinly?spread?a?tiny?amount?of?oil?with?a?kitchen?paper?towel?on?your?pre-heated?non-stick?pan.
  3. Spread?2?Tbsp?of?the?banana?batter?to?form?a?pancake?and?let?it?cook?for?2-3 minutes?on?each?side.?Done!



We?served?ours?with?yogurt?and?mashed?raspberries?mixed?with?1?Tbsp?of?honey?(tastes?like?homemade ?jam)?and?that’s?it!?You?can?use?your?favourite?frozen?or?fresh?berries?and?use?Agave?or?maple?syrup?on ? top.?Enjoy!




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