Picking Raspberries

Hey pals!

Are you enjoying the summer holidays? I am.

Yesterday, Juno and I decided to?pick raspberries. ?I LOVE raspberries, especially the big juicy ones. We have loads of raspberries in the vegetable garden. ?It is important to pick raspberries on a dry day because they will go mouldy very fast if you pick them when they are wet. ?Oooh, mouldy raspberries sound disgusting!!IMG_7763

The sun was shining when we set off and we met Gossipy Gloria on the way. ?She was in the Fairy Grove on her way home to the blue chicken coop. ?Of course she had loads of news for us…

Major Prickles was in a bad mood – again!

Queen Bee Arabella Buzzkin, had delivered honey to Henny Whitefeather who had a sore throat. ?Henny was doing much better after taking the honey.

The new kittens had gotten into trouble with Mahatma Gander when they tried to scratch the goslings.

Oh yes, Gossipy Gloria had all the news.

When she had finished with all the news, we carried on to the vegetable garden. ?There were raspberries everywhere. I ate lots from the bushes but brought enough home for Mum to make raspberry jam. ?Do you like raspberry jam? ?I love it! ?I’m ?not big enough to make the jam on my own, but Mum lets me help her. Would you like to make jam with the grown-up in your house?

Here’s the recipe but remember jam gets HOT HOT HOT when it’s boiling, so you must have an adult with you okay?


Mum’s Raspberry Jam

  • 8oz?raspberries (washed)
  • 8oz jam sugar
  • ? tsp of butter
  • 350ml sterilized jar and lid



Put the sugar in a bowl and warm in the oven (just warm gently, don?t let the sugar brown or crystallise).

Melt the butter in a pot and add the raspberries.? Simmer over a low heat for about three minutes. ?Stir them a little to release the juices.

Add the warmed sugar and stir until the sugar is dissolved.

Bring to the boil, turn down the heat and let the mixture bubble away for about 5?minutes. REMEMBER IT’S HOT!!

In the meantime, put a dessert spoon in the freezer. ?When the jam has bubbled for 5 minutes,?remove the spoon from the freezer and drop a ? teaspoon of the jam onto the spoon.? If it sets as it cools, your jam is ready (the jam should form a skin on the top of it).? If not, continue to boil for another minute or two, then repeat the testing process.

When you are happy with the consistency, remove from the heat.

Leave until almost cool.

Pour into the sterilised jar and seal.? If you are using a new lid there?s no need to place a wax disc on top of the jam.

It’s so easy to make and it tastes delicious (I love the crunchy pips in it).

Have fun!


Freddy x

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