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Before you read on, allow me to introduce the author of this blog post. ?Her name is Kayleigh and she is a TY student in St Leo’s college, Carlow. ?I love working with students and interns and showing them what life is like in the world of Tumbledown and Freddy Buttons – ?Kayleigh was an absolute dream to work with. ?She sent out books to children all over the country, wrote them cards, tagged along on photo and video shoots, and was a good sport all round. ?One day I asked her had she ever written a blog post. ?She hadn’t. ?This is her first ever blog post and I think she shows LOTS of potential. ?She had no prompting from me, nor did I edit her post, and I really feel that her reflections on keeping a pet will help lots of children understand the responsibility that is required. ?I’m sure you will agree….

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Responsibility of having a pet -?why I was never allowed a pet dog

Like many children, I always dreamed of having a pet dog when I was younger! I used to always beg my mum and dad over and over again to buy me a puppy. I asked for one every single birthday and every single Christmas, but the answer was always a ?no?.

Kittens need minding too!
Kittens need minding too!

At the time I thought my parents were being so unfair! However, now I realise that they were doing the right thing. Why? Because pets are a lot of work! My mum and dad, like many parents, had to go to work every day, and I had to go to school every day. So who was going to look after the dog when we weren?t home? No one! We couldn?t leave the poor little puppy on its own all day, with no one to play with, no one to feed it and no one to clean up its poo and wee. That would be very mean of us to treat a pet like that!

Pet goose anyone?

All pets, not only dogs, are a big responsibility for every family member. Dogs have to be walked once or twice a day. A lot of families, like mine, simply don?t have enough time in the day to walk a dog, and if a dog isn?t walked it will become fat and unhealthy. Also pets are a lot of money! Think about it, you have to buy them food, toys, treats and lots more! A lot of parents just don?t have the money to be spending on pets.

Also, dogs can be smelly, it?s not their fault, sometimes they just are, even if you wash them a lot! If the dog smells, this can make the house smell. My mum told me she doesn?t want our house to smell of dog, and I think that?s a good point! Puppies poo and wee inside the house as well, which can stain carpets. Brown and yellow stains on carpets don?t look very nice, do they?


Fiona with Pippi who needs LOTS of minding!
Fiona with Pippi who needs LOTS of minding!


Another thing is that fur from dogs and cats can get everywhere! My friend has a dog, and the floors in her house are always covered in hair from her dog. She always has to hoover the house because of her dog. Personally, I would hate to have to hoover every day because it is so boring!

So whilst pets can be a nice part of the family, only some families are able to have them. If your mum and dad say you can?t have a pet, they aren?t being mean and horrible to you, they know it?s for the best! Pets are a lot of work and a huge responsibility. Remember it?s better to have no pet than a pet that is treated badly because no one can look after it!

Kayleigh Bull

St Leo’s College, Carlow

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