Didn?t?Freddy have?fun this year???

Here’s?a look back of what Freddy has done this year!?


JANUARY?-?Freddy?Button’s?visited children in the Dome?Carlow?and the children got the chance to have their photo taken with Freddy Button.?Also,?in January?Freddy?sponsored the Kids Dash at the Charlie?Curran Memorial run. We hope everyone had a great time with Freddy!?Freddy?is?heading?back to the Dome in?2018…….?Keep an eye on our?Facebook?for more?details.??

FEBRUARY?-?Freddy Button’s announced his new?YouTube?channel. The channel had many cooking demos for children and?proved very popular.?Have any of you seen Mischa and Layla in action??https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkFaIIgGvK5W7A1d1MLXV5Q/feed??

MARCH?-?On?Saturday?the 18th?the stars of Freddy Buttons?YouTube?channel spoke live on KCLR96FM at 10am to?speak about the channel.?Hope you were listening to the fabulous interview!??

APRIL?-?Freddy?teamed up with?Queezybags?for a giveaway competition.?Keep an eye out on our?Facebook?page for our many giveaways!?https://www.facebook.com/FreddyButtons/???

JUNE?-?Freddy?Button had a great time at Relay for?Life?Carlow.??Super Fun?was had at the Fun?Zone from the 17th?to?the 18th?of June. There was a picnic?party,?a?magician and a puppet?show.??Did you get your certificate from Freddy Button’s for completing the laps??

JULY?-?Freddy Button and the F.B.I traveled to Yorkshire, England. When Freddy arrived home from his?UK adventure he did a competition and the winner won his?favourite?teddy, Eric. Freddy visited County Cork and gave away 6 signed copies of his books.??Were you one of the lucky?ones..?Let us?know..?Send us pictures of you reading your?favourite?story.?

OCTOBER???Last?but not least…?Freddy?teamed up with?Real Good Ketchup for a giveaway competition?on our Facebook?page. Did you get your tasty bottle of ketchup??Available in any Supervalu store across?the country!??https://www.facebook.com/RGKetchup/?Visit our?Facebook?page?to?enter our competitions today!?And follow this?SuperValu?link to find your nearest?stockist?of this ketchup.?www.realgoodketchup.com/find-your-local-store?

Here’s Freddy on his latest trip to Prague and some other pictures throughout the year.?





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