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This is the time of year when parents all over the country scramble to find shoeboxes for the Christmas Shoebox Appeal. Throughout the years, Hunters Lodge has seen shoeboxes of all shapes and sizes as my children filled their boxes with great thought and consideration. ?Joe, Kate and Ellie may have flown the coop now but Ruth is still keeping the tradition alive at home.

christmas-shoebox-appeal-2016Here at Tumbledown Media HQ, we?re doing our bit too. ?It just so happens that Sandy, my Communications Manager (and general life-saver) has a history of volunteering with Team Hope and has even travelled to Kosovo a few years back to distribute shoeboxes.

As I write this, she has left the office to go attend a volunteers meeting. ?Needless to say I wanted to help too, but I know in my heart and soul I am not going to do anything as brave as travel to a wartorn region ? I know, I know, I?m a chicken! ?So I asked Sandy what could Freddy Buttons contribute and her answer was immediate. ?Toothpaste. I guess we are all so anxious to fill shoeboxes with lovely things that sometimes we can forget the basics. ?So Freddy Buttons is contributing 100 tubes of?toothpaste?to the cause. ?It?s not much, but I?m a firm believer that if everyone does a little bit, great things can happen. For our Carlow readers, if you?re bringing the kids down to the Farmer?s Market on Saturday the 29th October, you?ll find Sandy and more local volunteers painting faces to raise some much needed funds.

If you want to help in some small way, check out the Team Hope website.

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